Our Mission

At LÖF, we are guided by four simple yet impactful principles: 

Sustainability, Accountability, Giving Back, and Exquisite Design.


We partner with Ostrom Climate to monitor, offset, and pay back our emissions each year and, with each LÖF purchase, we donate a portion of the profits to One Tribe, a nonprofit organization that plants trees on our behalf and invests in initiatives toward protecting and replenishing the world’s rainforests.


Our commitment goes beyond environmental impact — we also dedicate a portion of our sales to nonprofit organizations and charities that share in our collective mission.

For LÖF’s debut Jaya Collection, we are donating to Help One Child Thrive — a charity organization that invests in the care of orphans and children in need across Idudi, Uganda, and East Africa — and Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit that generates and maintains a sense of urgency about the criminal justice system in the US. 


Maintaining responsible retail practices doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics. Inspired by the Art Deco era, our jewelry is intended to last a lifetime. Each LÖF piece strikes the balance of elegant yet bold, dramatic yet timeless — with geometric shapes, distinct lines, and unique, delicate designs that never go out of style.